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Mark in Denmark – CPH jazz 2011

by on Jul.03, 2011, under Gigs

Friday July 1 Frst day of the  Copenhagen Jazz Festival…the trip was easy. I’m going into town with my best friend Ejvind and his son toby (16 years old and really into music).  We are going to the Copenhagen Jazz House where many of the world’s greatest Jazz musicians have performed.  Tonight we are going to see the Joey DeFrancesco trio.  This is one of the great organ trios.  Joey plays the Hammond B3 organ accompanied by stellar guitar and drums.  We’re there a half hour early and the place is already packed.  The trio opens with lightening speed and the audience roars with approval.  We are impressed by the variation and articulation of the band.  Toward the end of the first set, I have an amazing deja vu experience.  I hear a familar muted trumpet.  By the delicate phrasing, I Would swear that it is Miles Davis , circa 1961 playing muted trumpet with spacious and elegant phrasing.  I look around the stage for a guest performer and suddenly realize it is Joey DeFrancesco playing muted trumpet in his right hand, chords on the organ with his left hand and a wonderful bass kine on the organ pedals.  I remember that when Joey came on the scene as a young man, he was so impressive that Miles Davis hired him to play with his band. It was a beautiful recollecton.

In the second set, Joey played another trumpet piece, equally as soulful.  Drummer Adam Nussbaum, a regular at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, sat in with the band.  We left happy and fulfilled.

Extra number with Joey Defrancesco
Joey Defrancesco Trio + extra drummer

Joey Defrancesco Trio

Extra number with Joey Defrancesco

Saturday July 2…day 2

My friend Lisbeth met me at the central train station.  We hopped a cab to the Palae Bar to hear Jesper Thilo,  a top flight tenor sax player.  Alas, the club was packed and so was the street.  We got another cab to the Drop Inn where Christina Von Bulow was playing with her quintet.  Christina was named alto sax player of the year a few years back and she has gotten clearer and more authoritative in her playing  Many of the songs she oerformed with her tenor player were reminiscent of the west coast contrapuntal playing of Gerry Mulligan and Chet Baker.  The set was laid back and sweet.

When we had entered the Drop Inn, the weather was a little overcast.  We stepped out, into a torrent, a downpour of biblical proportions.  Through the earthshaking thunder and blinding lightning, we managed to catch a cab in order to meet Ejvind at Tivoli Gardens where our next concert was to be held.  This was our second time to see Angelique Kudjo, Dianne Reeves and Liz Wright in a performance of SING THE TRUTH.  By now the thunder storm had reached both testaments of biblical and 1/2″ hail was hitting us over the head.  Nevertheless, our dedication to the jazz drove us, soaking wet, to the Tivoli Contserthall.  Needless to say my new knees were exhibiting some signs of protest.  We pushed on and finally got seated.  At 8.20 the audience became restless and started clapping, that `We’re getting annoyed` clap.  By 8:30, someone came out on stage to announce that due to dangerous water levels the concert was being cancelled.  Once more into the breech rode our courageous group (with me in a wheelchair, wrqpped in plastic.  Lisbeth and I sat near the entrance of the Tivoli while Ejvind ran for the car.  He returned only to discover that his right front tire was flat  In the diminishing rain, he changed tires and we drove home leaving Lisbeth to make it to the train station.

At ths point we realized that not only the electricity was out all over town, but the sewer system was overloaded and we tried six different routes back to Ejvind`s house (approximately two hours!) in order to avoid being stuck in five feet of water in a tunnel. What an adventure.


I`m looking out the window of Ejvind´s and his wife Zaneta`s lovely apartment in Hillerod.  We are 45 miles north of Copenhagen.  It is our day off from the festival since the water blocking the city is still barely passable and the Sonny Rollins concert was sold out.  Here in Hillerod it is absolutely warm, verdant and beautiful.  We have been watching news clips of the flooding in Copenhagen and specifically the evacuation of the Tivoli Gardens.  What adventure!

Tomorrow I will be singing with the Monday Night Big Band.  I bring my own arrangements written by Carl Wolfe from Memphis.  Seven more days of jazz to go.

3 comments for this entry:
  1. Karen Diana

    Sounds quite adventurous and fun. I listened to Christina’s music a bit on YouTube after reading your blog. She is extraordinary on the sax–

    Have a wonderful time. Love you, Karen

  2. dianne


  3. bettina "sparkles"

    it is good for a spiritual Mr. Wisdom to play his heart out from the center and back.
    Love you more than you know. BSpakles

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